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No young person chooses to experience homelessness. Unfortunately, some youth in our community face challenging circumstances that contribute to homelessness, including family dysfunction, abuse at home, aging out of the foster care system, exiting the juvenile justice system, and economic hardship.

Volunteers of America, Dakotas has been busy raising funds for a new facility, HomePlace, which will be home to the Axis180 program.  The Axis180 program provides housing and supportive services to young people experiencing homelessness.  The new facility will provide safe housing for 21 youth at a time.

You can help!  Your gift will help provide a fully furnished apartment for a young person in need. Each apartment will be complete with everything from dressers and beds to kitchen utensils and wastebaskets.

Below are just some examples of what your donation can help provide:

Your gift of $10

Towel set | Cookie sheet | Pizza pan | 4 Drinking glasses | Can opener | Measuring cups/spoons | Paring knife | Spatula/turner | 2 Coffee mugs | Dish drainer with mat | Strainer | Pizza cutter | Silverware tray 

Your gift of $25

3 Mixing bowls | Storage containers | Silverware (12 pieces) | Trash can | Full-size bed sheets | Blanket set  |Set of plates and bowls

Your gift of $50 

2 Saucepans | Frying pan | Floor lamp | Table lamp | Comforter set

Your gift of $100 

Nightstands | End table | Shower curtain, towels, bath mat, and trash can | Bedding: Comforter set, sheets, pillow

Your gift of $250

Living room chair | Chest of drawers | All kitchen utensils

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