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Counseling, Addiction & Prevention Services Grant

Since 2000, Volunteers of America, Dakotas has served pregnant and parenting women suffering from substance use disorders. This specialty program is a 24-hour residential program that provides safe, structured, therapeutic, and a staff-secured environment to women and their children.

This year, Volunteers of America, Dakotas will become a recipient of the Regional Partnership Grant. This partnership is aimed at serving women who have had their children removed from their custody or are at risk of having their children removed. This grant will allow us to serve 132 mothers and 255 children over the course of 3 years.

Currently, this service is one of only two residential treatment facilities in South Dakota where mothers are able to live with their children during recovery. The program, located in Sioux Falls, addresses the needs of parenting and pregnant women through case management, parent/family strengthening, engagement of fathers, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, specialized outreach, and various children’s programs.

Volunteers of America, Dakotas, in partnership with several community agencies and organizations, intends to utilize the funds to improve and formalize coordination between involved agencies (e.g. Child Protective Services, the Department of Corrections, etc.), enhance the existing program, and conduct comprehensive evaluations.

South Dakota, not unlike many areas in the nation, is in the midst of a methamphetamine epidemic and growing opioid problem. These circumstances have led to a significant increase in the number of children placed in state custody. This Counseling, Addiction & Prevention Services program provides comprehensive services to allow participants to gain the information and skills necessary to live a healthy, drug-free, satisfying life and to develop positive parenting practices to care for themselves and their child – all while residing with their children or working towards regaining parental rights. Volunteers of America, Dakotas believes that the services of this program are vital in helping pregnant and parenting women lead healthy and productive lives.

Taylor, a mother of four who has been involved with Volunteers of America, Dakotas for six months, credits the program for helping her learn about herself and grow into the person and mother she wants to be.

“Without {Volunteers of America, Dakotas}, I would still be very lost. I needed discipline, structure, and supportive people in my life.”

She also notes her children have several opportunities through the organization to learn and grow, and that she is so thankful for the staff and counselors involved.

“Working with addiction is heartbreaking,” says Taylor. “I appreciate everyone who is willing to be there for me and the other women.”

Taylor is benefitting from the program in many ways, but her greatest accomplishment is just around the corner.

“My nine year old will be rejoining our family soon. I never thought that would be possible.”

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