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Governor Uses PRC Staff to Teach Meth Changes Everything

Governor Dennis Daugaard and the SD Department of Social Services Prevention Program have tasked Southeastern Prevention Resource Center staff to teach high school students across the 21-county catchment area about the dangers of methamphetamine use. Alarmed at the increase in crime, violence, and increasing need for both social service support and incarceration, the Governor and the Attorney General have each requested awareness campaigns be designed to target specific groups of both high school and young adults to try to end the growth of meth use in the state. 

Governor Daugaard’s campaign called Meth Changes Everything, utilizes the three Prevention Resource Center (PRC) prevention specialists to carry the message across the entire state. PRC's in Watertown, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls are providing classroom education and helping with community forums. The PRC in Sioux Falls provides education, training, and specialty library services in alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention as well as suicide and violence prevention. Impaired driving and tobacco prevention are also addressed by full-time staff members. 

Community forums are being held and feature panels of law enforcement, child protection services, EMTs, treatment counselors, and PRC staff members to provide information. The Governor’s campaign is called Meth Changes Everything and features South Dakotans who have battled meth addiction. Go to to learn more. Want a community event in your community? Call the Prevention Resource Center at 605-444-6342 to learn more.

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