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LifeMarks Behavioral Health Counseling Receives $3,445,495 Grant

Volunteers of America, Dakotas' LifeMarks Behavioral Health Counseling received a $3,445,495 ($689,099 per year for five years) grant from the Department of Health and Human Services. This significant source of funding will be utilized to incorporate healthy marriage and relationship education, and economic stability and mobility activities into our existing services. Through this aid, we will be able to help families and individuals improve their relationships, marriages, parenting and financial security, with the ultimate goals of improving family functioning, adult and child well-being, reducing poverty and assisting the successful transition of youth to adulthood.

You might be surprised to know that marriages within Sioux Falls and the surrounding area are lasting an average of 10 years. Not to mention, slightly over half of all divorces involved children. With this support, Volunteers of America, Dakotas will offer 319 classes for 2,504 individuals and families within a five year period. 

"The impact this grant will make on the success of healthy marriages and relationships in South Dakota is tremendous. We are truly blessed to be the recipient of these dollars," Amy Hartman, Managing Director of Behavioral Health, said.

To learn more, visit our LifeMarks Behavioral Health Counseling page.

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