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Mike Landon

Mike was a Veteran, friend, and staff member of Volunteers of America, Dakotas who worked in the Veterans Service Center. Mike was always there to help any Veteran, in any way he could; this was evident through his sense of humor and spirit of generosity to his brothers and sisters that had the opportunity to speak with Mike. He wore his uniform proudly during a time that many didn’t honor those protecting the very freedoms society was benefitting from.

Mike passed away on August 27, 2018 surrounded by his loving family from health complications.

On Friday, May 31st, 2019, some of Mike’s belongings, as well as his picture, were placed at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. in remembrance of his service to our great nation, and organization.

The resting of the items was very brief, and only a couple photos of the event were taken as that was not the purpose of the visit. It was not meant to serve as closure, rather it was our responsibility to put a piece of Mike with his fellow brothers and sisters from a time in which he was willing to give up his life for our great nation.

God Bless you Mike and God Bless our United States of America.

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