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National Safe Place Week

March 17 - 23 is National Safe Place week. Volunteers of America, Dakotas is the only organization in South Dakota that participates in the National Safe Place program, and is listed on the National Runaway Switchboard.  Safe Place is a network of locations such as schools, fire stations, libraries, grocery and convenience stores, public transit and other appropriate public buildings.  All employees at Safe Place locations are trained to contact the Family Crisis Intervention 24-hour line, if a youth needs help. Safe Place serves youth ages 10-17.

Currently, there are 19 stationary sites and 29 mobile sites in the city of Sioux Falls.  These sites ensure the city is be covered, geographically, so that youth do not have to venture far to find assistance. Stationary sites include:

  • 11 Fire stations
  • Volunteers of America, Dakotas-Youth Center
  • Axis180 Program – Volunteers of America, Dakotas
  • Volunteers of America, Dakotas- Addiction, Prevention/Education
  • Children’s Inn
  • Lutheran Social Services – E. Presentation location
  • Sioux Area Metro headquarters
  • Sioux Area Transit station
  • Sioux Area Transit hosts 29 mobile sites as all buses are Safe Place sites
  • Vishnu Bunny Tattoo Shop

If you need immediate help and don’t know where to turn, please text the word “safe” and your current location (address, city, state) to 4HELP (44357). Within seconds, you will receive a message with the closest Safe Place site and phone number for the local youth agency. It’s quick, easy, safe, and confidential.

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