Community Youth Organization Guide Practical Strategies from the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

(c) 2014, 75 Pages, Adults-Professionals

¬†Because bullying behaviors are not limited to the school day, this guide is for youth-serving organizations, such as scouting programs, before and after-school programs, and sports and recreation leagues. It provides information and tools to enrich peer relationships, intervene appropriately when bullying occurs, and prevent bullying in the organization’s activities. Using the guide and accompanying CD Rom, program leaders can create an environment where kids are included, feel safe, and know that the adults and leaders care about them. Reproducible resources, including youth meeting activities, a youth survey, a Leader’s Guide, and resources to follow up with youth involved in bullying incidents are included. A Parent Guide (in English and Spanish) explains how parents can address bullying at home in support of the organization’s efforts.¬†

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