More Than Sad (teen depression)

DVD, 2009, 26 minutes, Grades 8-Adults

This DVD and accompanying lesson plan can be used in one long session (90 minutes) or two 30-40 minute sessions. Because of the sensitive subject matter, small groups and complete review of the facilitator’s guide before showing the film is suggested. Messages conveyed are that depression is a common problem among teens that can interfere with their lives, that it is an illness that can develop after a particularly upsetting event but also affects some teens that don’t look like they have anything to be depressed about, that depression doesn’t usually go away on its own and may lead to serious consequences if left untreated, and finally, that treatment for depression is available and it works. Trying to help teens spot signals in themselves and others, working to remove stigma associated with depression, promoting finding and accepting help, and demystifying treatment for depressions are goals of this program which includes the 26 minute DVD, a 25 page facilitator’s guide, a pre and post test, a resource list, fact sheets, and feedback forms.¬†

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