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Lou-Wheeze Smoker’s Lungs Comparison Model

Display, Health EDCO, Grades 5-12 Lou-Wheeze is a great display to show what a healthy lung looks like compared to a lung damaged by emphysema and cancer. When Lou-Wheeze inhales and exhales it is easy to see the difference between the lungs and how... Read More

Man Named Dave, A

 Book, 1999, Grades 10-Adult The third book in a 3 book series. A Man Named Dave, which has sold over 1 million copies, is the gripping conclusion to Dave Pelzer’s inspirational and New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with A Child Called "... Read More

Marijuana and CBD: The Inside Story

Marijuana and CBD: The Inside Story, DVD, 2020, HRM, 15 minutes, Grades 7-College Navigating the terrain of fast-changing marijuana laws and the explosion of unregulated products like CBD can be daunting- and downright dangerous- for young people. T... Read More

Marijuana and the Teenage Brain

DVD, 2014, HRM, 23 minutes, grades 7 - college This program informs students about the latest research on the effects of marijuana on the brain. Animated graphics clearly show how THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, hijacks the brain’s endocanna... Read More

Marijuana Facts for Teens

Marijuana Facts for Teens, Print Material, 2017, NIH, Grades 7 – College This booklet gives teens and parents the straight facts so everyone can make smarter choices surrounding marijuana use. It... Read More

Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know

Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know, Print Material, 2018, NIH, Adults This booklet covers the reasons why young people use marijuana such as curiosity, peer pressure, and the desire to fit in... Read More

Marijuana: Just the Facts Please

DVD, 2018, HRM, 18 minutes, Grades 7-College There is still a great deal of confusion surround marijuana and its effects on the mind and body. This straightforward program does not preach or distort, but simply supplies students with the latest scie... Read More

Marijuana: New Laws, New Problems for Teens

Marijuana: New Laws, New Problems for Teens, DVD, 2022, HRM, 19 minutes, Grades 7 – college Marijuana is readily available to teens, and use is up; but marijuana is still a poor choice for teens. This video and print program helps teens understa... Read More

Mean Girls

Mean Girls, DVD, 2004, 96 Minutes, Grades 9-Adult Raised in the African bush country by her zoologist parents, Cady (Lindsay Lohan) thinks she knows all about the “survival of the fittest.” But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when... Read More

Mentoring for Resiliency

Book, 2000, 81 pages, Professionals How do mentoring programs currently build youth resiliency and how can they do it better? Use this book to learn: - Which specific programs have been evaluated as the most effective resiliency builders - What ma... Read More