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ABCs of Smoking Powerpoint

ABCs of Smoking Powerpoint, 2008, Medical photography and detailed text combine to describe dozens of conditions and diseases associated with tobacco use. Read More

Activities for Group Work with Adolescents

Activities for Group Work with Adolescents, Activity Book, 2012, Grades 7-12 This activity book brings Activity Centered Therapy (ACT) to the secondary counselor and group worker. It is an all-inclusive program that will give the new counselor and g... Read More

Activities That Teach Family Values

Activities That Teach Family Values, Activity Book, Tom Jackson, 2002, Adults/Professionals Activities in this book provide a way for you to share without lecturing and to build an even stronger relationship with your children. By using effective fa... Read More

Adventures of Tintin, The

Book, 2011, 227 pages, Grades 3-8 After buying a model of the Unicorn, young reporter Tintin discovers a secret message hidden inside the mast of the ship. But what does it mean? The clues start to pile up as Tintin and his faithful dog, Snowy, find... Read More

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools

After Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools, Book, 2018, Adults This toolkit reflects consensus recommendations developed in consultation with national experts, including school-based administrators and staff, clinicians, researchers, and crisis response p... Read More

Alcohol and the Developing Brain

DVD, 2018, 22 minutes, Grades 7-college This program focuses on the effects of alcohol on the still-developing adolescent and young adult brain. Students learn that the moldable nature of the young brain makes learning and acquiring new skills easie... Read More

Alcohol Prevention Bingo

Alcohol Prevention Bingo, Game, 2003, Grades 7-12 Learn about why kids drink, myths and facts, effects of drinking, drinking and driving, and how to say no with alcohol prevention bingo. Read More

Alcohol: What You Need to Know

Alcohol: What You Need to Know, DVD, 2021, Hazelden, Grades 9-Adult  This video provides a comprehensive set of tools that is ideal for educating patients and their families, school faculty and sta... Read More

All About Alcohol

Book, 2007, Grades 7-Adult Dispels myths and misunderstandings that many people have about alcohol use, alcohol related problems, and abstinence. Read More

Anger Solutions Game

Anger Solutions Game, Game, 1996, Grades 3-6 This game is a psycho educational tool for helping children to learn effective and socially-acceptable conflict management skills. There are no right or wrong answers; the adult should be empathetic and r... Read More