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(DVD) 2011, Grades 9 -Adult, 77 minutes, ESPN Films A gifted athlete from Fall River, Massachusetts, Chris Heren was a basketball legend before he left high school. After a troubled, yet outstanding career at Fresno State, he would eventually fulfil... Read More

Up Heartbreak Hill

(DVD) 2012, Grades 7 -Adult, 82 minutes, Closed-Captioned, PBS This video chronicles the lives of three Native American teenagers in Navajo, New Mexico: Thomas, an elite runner; Tamara, an academic superstar; and Gabby, an inspiring photographer's... Read More

Veggie Tales: Are You My Neighbor?

(DVD) Big Idea Productions, Pre K-2nd Grade, 18 minutes, 1995. Join five-year-old Junior Asparagus and the crew of the U.S.S. Applepies as they boldly go where no vegetable has gone before. This sci-fi spoof show kids that loving your neighbor mean... Read More

Veggie Tales: Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space

(DVD) Big Idea Productions, pre-school-Grade two, 1995, 18 minutes One of an award-winning video series, this animated video promotes the virtue of honesty. The issue of lying is examined with the promotion of the belief that it is easier to tell th... Read More

Voices of Courage

Book, 2005, 116 pages, Michael Domitrz, College and Adult Inspiring lessons unfold in this one-of-a-kind book by twelve survivors of sexual assault. An eye-opening journal of personal growth and recovery. Read More

We Can Stop Abuse

(C) 2003, Professional, Blue Tower Training Center This curriculum will educate agencies, persons with disabilities, family members, guardians and the general public on sexual abuse/assault prevention involving persons with disabilities. Includes pee... Read More

We Can Work It Out! Conflict Resolution

Sunburst, 11 minutes, Grades K-2, 1997. Teaches the youngest students age-appropriate strategies for resolving conflicts. Shows how asking questions, listening, and thinking of ways to do things differently can provide satisfying solutions. (Includes... Read More

We Can Work Together

Sunburst, Grades two through four, 27 minutes Learning how to work with others in a cooperative venture is an important transition for young children to make. Good team-work skills play a crucial role in the learning process of children. Complete dis... Read More

Weakfish Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child Expanded

Book, 2003, Adults This book is a powerful examination of bullying from a child's viewpoint. This gripping journey is a case study of a real child and his actual experiences. Weakfish is narrated by Michael Dorn; who is one of the nations best-known... Read More

What Do You Stand For?

(B) 2005, Free Spirit Publishing, Grades 7-12 Each chapter describes several character-building dilemmas to use for journaling, writing essays, discussion, debate, role-playing or reflection. They also suggest activities in various categories and end... Read More