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Wise Owl's Drug Safety Kit

(C) 2011, Grades K-3, 30 minute video, Human Relations Media A discussion-based approach is used to carefully introduce young children to healthy guidelines related to drugs and medicines. Three videos (Is That Good for Me?, What Is a Drug? and What... Read More

Women and Alcohol

(DVD) 2006, Grades 10-Adult, 17 minutes Binge drinking is traditionally a young man's "sport," but now many college-age women are doing their best to keep up. Why? And how does such a staggering level of alcohol consumption affect a woman physicall... Read More

Bridging the Gap: Native American Education

(DVD) 2007, Adults, 24 minutes, South Dakota Public Broadcasting Due to cultural differences and socio-economic conditions, the challenges facing Native American students are many. This video/teaching tool (Disk Two of Oceti Sakowin) offers insight... Read More

Caves of Qumran, The

(DVD) 2013, Grades 3-7, 30 minutes, Focus on the Family One of the Adventures in Odyssey Series, this DVD is an animated story featuring adventure as the main characters escape dangerous traps to reach hidden treasure. A sinister villain and his cro... Read More

Edible Marijuana: Is it Safe?

Edible Marijuana: Is it Safe?, DVD,  2016, HRM, 18 minutes, Grade 7-College This DVD and teacher’s guide present information about edible marijuana. While many teens think that eating marijuana is an okay way to get high, it is in fact, dangerous, r... Read More

Mind Bubbles Exploring Mindfulness with Kids

Herow Press, 2017, 32 pages, Grades K-3 Written by a physician, this book explains using breathing to allow the brain to let thoughts come and go without worrying about the past for the future. Offering a clear and simple approach to mindfulness f... Read More

Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

Penguin Books, 2005, 339 pages, College This autobiography outlines the drinking life of a girl starting at age 14 until she stopped drinking in young adulthood. In high school, her drinking led to a stomach pumping. In college, her excess gave way... Read More

Spike’s Poison Prevention Adventure

Sanford Poison Center & Emergency Medical Services for Children, Pre School, 2008.   The lessons in this binder are part of the Quill’s Up-Stay Away! A Poison Awareness Program that features Spike, the Poison Prevention Porcupine. A 10 minute awar... Read More

How to End Unhealthy Relationships

(DVD) 2016, Grade 7-College, 16 minutes, HRM, Close Captioned This DVD and teacher’s guide offer teens insight on how to assess the health of relationships, particularly romantic relationships and intense relationships. It presents concrete steps to... Read More

I Am Sam, Love is All You Need

(DVD) 2001, PG-13, 134 minutes, New Line Productions Academy Award nominee Sean Penn plays a mentally challenged father who enlists the help of a high-powered attorney played by Michelle Pfieffer to regain custody of his daughter. This full length m... Read More