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Inhalant Abuse: One Huff Can Kill

DVD, 2016,  20 minutes, CC, Grades 5-10 This DVD and teacher’s guide received a star review from the School Library Journal. It is a gripping movie that introduces real stories of teens fighting inhalant abuse. As sad stories are shared by families... Read More

The Technology Tail A Digital Footprint

Book, Boys Town Press, 2017, Grades 1-6. The Technology Tail uses rhymes and colorful illustrations to offer a timeless message to a new generation learning to navigate the fast-changing digital age. Whether sending a photo or making a comment, “Scr... Read More

Preventing Youth Marijuana Use Reference Guide

Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies, 2017, Adults This reference guide contains sections designed to be helpful by compiling respected data sources. Section 1 is entitled Data Resources which includes consumption and consequence da... Read More

Oceti Sakowin: The People of the Seven Council Fires

(DVD) 2007, two disks, SD Public Broadcasting, DVD Disk One: Oceti Sakowin: (59 minutes) The People of the Seven Council Fires talks about living under the misconception of Columbus discovering America. What he did was to stumble on a land already o... Read More

Alcohol Changes Everything

(G) 2007, Health Edco, Grades 9-College Alcohol abuse can turn any occasion into a negative experience. This board game helps players learn about the negative consequences of alcohol abuse and reinforces information already learned about alcohol abu... Read More

Opioids: Addiction, Overdose and Death

DVD, 2018, HRM, 18 minutes, Grade 7-College This DVD describes the dangers of prescription-based opioids, which have been causing thousands of overdoses and many deaths. Four young users talk about how they first started on drugs like Oxycodone or P... Read More

Race to Freedom

(DVD) 30 minutes, 2013, Grades 3-7, Focus on the Family This DVD is part of the Adventures in Odyssey Series. This animated film features Carter who time travels back to 1856 with a friend, Dylan. He becomes a slave who is trying to escape his owner... Read More

Say NO to Negative Peer Pressure

(DVD), 2015, Grades 3-5, 29 minutes, HRM, Close Captioned This DVD and print program teaches young students when and how to say “no”. Viewers follow age-appropriate narrative scenarios at the characters decide what to do and how to resolve their pro... Read More