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You Can Quit! How to Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

DVD, 2005, InJoy Productions Inc., Grades 8-Adult, 18 minutes Quitting tobacco while pregnant can be hard. This DVD talks about quitting tobacco while pregnant with mom’s who have quit tobacco for their baby. It also walks women through the steps to... Read More

Denali Dreams

Logan Brown, Trust Initiative, K-6, 2016 This is a story about a young girl named Denali and her experience resisting peer pressure to smoke. She keeps her dreams in mind to remind herself that tobacco use will only make her unhealthy. Read More

Smoking Stinks!

Kim Gosselin, JayJo Books, 1998, K-6 Maddie and Alex prepare a school health report around the topic of smoking. Throughout the book they learn from Maddie’s grandfather why he started smoking and why he hasn’t quit. They also learn about secondhand... Read More

Addiction Incorporated

DVD, 2013, Bullfrog Films, Grade 8-College-Adult, 76 minute version and 35 minute version Available in two lengths, 35 minutes and 76 minutes, this film shares the true story of Victor DeNoble, a scientist for Philip Morris, whose discovery of an ad... Read More

All You Need to Know About Tobacco in 17 Minutes,

DVD, 2011, HRM, CC, Grades 5-9 This DVD discusses essential information about tobacco whose use is the top cause of preventable death in the United States. Both secondhand smoke and the poisonous chemicals inhaled in tobacco smoke are shared along w... Read More

Dismantling Hate

DVD, 2010, In the Life Media, College-Adult, 28 minutes This film describes hate crime victims and perpetrators in the LGBT community while examining attitudes and laws that impact their lives. A former hate-crime perpetrator discusses how he develo... Read More

Hepatitis C: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

DVD, 2015, HRM, Grades 7-College, 15 minutes, Close Captioned Hepatitis C is the most common blood-borne infection in the United States – more common by far than HIV. Many young people are putting themselves at risk for this potentially fatal diseas... Read More

Hookah Hoax, The

DVD, 2016, HRM, CC, 16 minutes, Grades 7-College Hookahs or water pipes are popular with youth and college-age students. This DVD provides fact-based information about hookahs, how they work, and their health effects on the people who use them as we... Read More

How Addiction Hijacks the Brain

DVD, 2016, HRM, CC, 24 minutes, Grades 7-College This film drives home the message that drug and alcohol addiction are a disease of the brain and that teens are at highest risk for acquiring this disease. Leading scientists detail how drugs like her... Read More

The Opioid Epidemic: How I Became a Heroin Addict

DVD, 2017, HRM, CC, 22 minutes, Grades 7-12 America has a serious opioid problem. This video and print package looks at the opioid epidemic through the eyes of four recovering young addicts. By revealing their stories, viewers will learn how quickly... Read More

Megan’s Birthday Tree: A Story about Open Adoption

Albert Whitman & Company, Grades Three-Seven, 2005 This is a story about open adoption. Megan is adopted, but she and her parents keep in touch with her birth mother. Open adoption, where the birth parents and adoptive family can stay connected, is... Read More