Southeastern Prevention Resource Center (SEPRC)

The Southeastern Prevention Resource Center

The Southeastern Prevention Resource Center (SEPRC) focuses on regional substance abuse and related factors, data collection and distribution, tobacco education and compliance checks. The SEPRC is a training liaison in substance abuse, violence and suicide prevention for the region to enhance community understanding, collaboration, awareness, and readiness.

What is the Prevention Resource Center?

The SEPRC is one of three prevention resources centers in South Dakota that are funded by the Division of Behavioral Health, and SD Department of Health. The SEPRC works with others across the state to provide prevention resources, training, and technical assistance through:

  • SEPRC Library features thousands of items and resources available for check out. 
  • Program development for schools and communities surrounding behavioral health issues such as suicide, alcohol, tobacco & other drugs & mental health
  • Training coordination, development, and promotion
  • Awareness campaigns and health promotion
  • Technical Assistance
    • SEPRC offers on-site and virtual TA, develops and disseminates TA tools, creates educational materials and training curricula, and provides a range of TA activities for agencies representing health and social service providers—including substance use and mental health disorder treatment providers.
    • SEPRC strives to support systems change, improve practice, and reduce stigma related to families affected by substance use disorders (SUDs) through stakeholder and agency collaboration—based on a shared understanding of the needs and challenges of families and the systems that serve them. The goal is to improve safety, permanency, well-being, and recovery outcomes for children, parents, and families. SEPRC also compiles, and shares examples of successful programs with other PRCs to expand best practices in communities nationwide. Consultation and TA are designed to provide information, resources, best practices, guidance, and effective strategies.
    • What is Technical Assistance? The SEPRC uses various methods to improve availability and easy access to resource information, training materials, tools and protocols, through both in-person and virtual technical support. All SEPRC resources are free and focus on strategies for working with families, schools and communities affected by substance use and mental health challenges.
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