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Choose Life or Choose Meth

DVD, 40 minutes, 2007, Grades 7-Adult

Methamphetamine is a powerful, toxic, man-made stimulant that is also extremely addictive. Initially it causes feelings of euphoria and sleeplessness so that many people who try it feel they can work a double shift, stay up studying, or even party all night. In reality it is a poison that destroys the teeth and vital organs including the brain, heart, liver, and skin among others. Users often become addicts within a week and start down a long, tragic road that is fraught with crime, mental illness, STD’s, and physical abuse. This documentary will educate you about what methamphetamine is and why it is so dangerous. We have many choices to make in life. By the end of this video you will know why you can Choose Life…or you can choose Meth.”

Bonus feature: 30 minutes. Topics include: sex & STDs, liver, environmental, pre-natal, children and families, intro to recovery, and a mother’s perspective


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