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Health Risks of Vaping Marijuana

Health Risks of Vaping Marijuana, DVD, 2021, HRM, 19 minutes, Grades 7-College Vaping marijuana is touted as "safer" than smoking marijuana- but, vaping marijuana comes with its own set of serious risks. Marijuana vapor releases harmful chemicals... Read More


Tips for Teens: Heroin Info-to-go: Heroin Heroin: How it affects the Body Heroin and Opioids: Addiction Guaranteed Opioids and Pregnancy Read More

High Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms, Help

(DVD) HRM, Grades 7-College, 19 Minutes A diverse group of teens who are dealing with anxiety plus several adolescent psychologists discuss the types of things that cause anxiety in young people; challenging tests, dealing with people, competing i... Read More

High Potency Marijuana: What Every Teen Needs to Know

DVD, 2023, HRM, 20 minutes, grades 7 - college Legal marijuana is now available with very high concentrations of THC, some as high as 20%. These designer marijuana products are so new, there aren't any long-term studies on them. But the initial repor... Read More

High School Not Forever

High School Not Forever, Book, 2005, Grades 8-12 We all experience high school differently. Some love it, some hate it, and some are just doing time. With real-life stories from teens across the country—as well as high school “survivors”—this book p... Read More

History- Empires of Industry: Leaves of Gold

DVD, 2008, A&E Television Networks, Grades 7-Adult, 50 minutes If you are wanting to learn about how tobacco captivated the American culture this film is for you. Through this film you take a look back at tobacco farms and the start of Duke of Durh... Read More

Home Run

DVD, 2013, Millennium Entertainment, PG-13, 113 minutes Baseball star Cory Brand is one of the leagues finest players. But his struggle with alcoholism eventually catches up to him and he is forced to face what he has been running from. His team for... Read More

How I Stopped Drinking: Four Stories Continued

DVD, Kinetic Video, 27 Minutes, Adult This DVD is a follow-up to "What Made Me Stop Drinking" and follows how the same people - people who have substance use disorder - actually managed to stop drinking. The ways these individuals stopped have all... Read More

How to Quit Juuling and Vaping

DVD, 2019, 20 minutes, HRM, Grades 7-College Most kids who vape and Juul (currently 3.5 million American teens) are beginning to understand the health risks of nicotine addiction and exposure to carcinogens from vaping. Being “on the Juul” is defini... Read More

Icebreaker Thumball

Icebreaker Thumball, Game, Grades 3-Adult Throw it, catch it, then respond to the statement under your thumb. Players respond to prompts that serve as icebreakers. Read More