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Broken Lines: A Story of Addiction

Broken Lines: A Story of Addiction, DVD, 2018, 32 Minutes, Grades 7-College This is a true story of hope, transformation, and ultimately victory over drug addiction. We are all familiar with tragic stories of those who have succumbed to drug overdos... Read More

Bully Free Zone in a Jar

Bully Free Zone in a Jar, Game, Grades 5-9 Learn what to do when you have a bully problem—whether you are the target, the bystander, or the one doing the bullying. Read More

Bully Smart Series

The Bully Smart Series, DVD, Grades Preschool-6th Provides the tools that a school needs to stamp out bullying. As students learn to recognize bullying behaviors, understand what motivates bullies, devise new strategies for standing up to bullies, a... Read More

Can I Kiss You

Can I Kiss You, 2016, Book, Michael Domitrz, 123 pages, Grades 7-Adult An updated version of May I Kiss You. Can I Kiss You is a thought provoking look at relationships, intimacy, and sexual assault. This book offers an in-depth look at the realitie... Read More

Cannabis: What You Need to Know

Cannabis: What You Need to Know, DVD, 2020, HRM, 5-7 minute segments, Grades 7-College This DVD features interviews with experts, historical information about cannabis, resources for individuals who need assistance, and insight on assessing use and... Read More

Care Coordination Business Card

Care Coordination Business Card, Print Material, SDDSS, Adults Care Coordination helps South Dakotans develop a plan for recovery from addiction. The free and confidential service is available th... Read More

Character Counts

Character Counts, Game, Grades PreK-5 Character Counts giant floor puzzle. Responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, caring, citizenship, and fairness. Read More