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Common Sense Parenting

Book, 1996, 209 Pages, Parents A proven step-by-step guide for raising responsible kids and building happy families.Techniques in this book can work with children from three to sixteen years old. Examples demonstrate how to adjust your parenting ski... Read More

Common Sense Parenting Trainer's Manual

Curriculum, 1996, adults This trainer's manual is designed to provide trainers with the necessary information for teaching Common Sense Parenting skills to parents. The training format is separated into 5 components: Review, Instruction, Modeling,... Read More

Community Booklets

CADCA Strategizer 44: Marijuana-Debunking the Myths Early and Often: How Social Marketing of Prevention Can Help Your Community Four Ways to Include Drug Prevention in Your Religious Programs You Can Help Read More

Constantly Connected: Managing Social Media Addiction

DVD, 2020, HRM, 23 minutes, grades 7 - college This program examines the world of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites to help kids understand why it’s so easy to get addicted to all-day, all-night social media and online gaming. This be... Read More

Controlling Anger Before it Controls You

DVD, HRM, 18 minutes, Grades 7-College Anger is a normal human emotion. Healthy anger motivates you to speak up, solve problems, and bring about need to change. Although, unhealthy and uncontrolled anger can lead to problems at school, with relation... Read More

Crazy Heart

DVD, 2009, Twentieth Century Fox, R, 111 minutes Country music star, Bad Blake, is a well-known singer who finds himself struggling with alcohol. Before he knows it he is fighting to save his career. As he falls for journalist, Bad Blake endures a... Read More

Cultural Competence Series

Book, 2001, US Department of Health and Human Services, Adults/Professionals Health promotion and substance abuse prevention among American Indian and Alaska Native Communities: Issues in Cultural Competence. Read More


Cyberbully, DVD, 87 Minutes, 2011, Grades 7-Adult When Taylor Hillridge-a pretty yet awkward teenage girl-gets a computer for her birthday, she cannot wait to explore the social freedom at her fingertips. But neither she nor her mom could have ever... Read More

Developing Character When it Counts 2-3

Developing Character When it Counts 2-3, Activity Book, Grades 2-3 The plays and activities in this book provide a fun, non-threatening way to emphasize character education, build confidence, and prepare students to make choices they can be proud of... Read More

Developing Character When it Counts 4-5

Developing Character When it Counts 4-5, Activity Book, Grades 4-5 Preparing students to make good ethical choices is a responsibility shared by school, family, and the greater community. Developing Character When it Counts features fun, unique idea... Read More