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Toxic Life Cycle of a Cigarette, The

DVD, 2015, HRM, 17 minutes, Grades 7-College This DVD examines ways that cigarettes are toxic to the environment and to people in ways that individuals usually haven't considered. Viewers hear from young farm workers who have been sick due to tobacc... Read More

Treating Youth with DSM-IV Disorders

Book, 1998, 159 pages, Boys Town Press, Adult/Professional, 159 pages This research-proven manual gives instructions on effective treatment options when dealing with youth who have DSM-IV disorders. The manual includes 43 disorders commonly diagnose... Read More

Trevor Romain's Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain

(DVD) 2007, Grades 2-8, 25 minutes, Closed-Captioned, Trevor Romain Company Every kid runs into bullies and our hero Jack is no exception. After being picked on, pushed around and threatened by Henry, Jack tries self-defense, insults and even disgu... Read More

Trevor Romain's Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney

(DVD) 2007, Grades 2-8, 25 minutes, Closed-Captioned, Trevor Romain Company After feeling rejected by her best friend, Jack, Skye decides to look for some new friends. She wants to be part of the "cool" clique. She changes her look, her talk and ev... Read More

Trevor Romain's Facing Fear Without Freaking Out

(DVD) 2007, Grades 2-8, 25 minutes, Closed-Captioned, Trevor Romain Company In order to overcome their fears, Jack and Skye must admit they're afraid and then face their anxieties head on. It will take lots of advice from Trevor for the kids to con... Read More

Trevor Romain's How to Do Homework without Throwing Up

(DVD) 2007, Grades 2-8, 25 minutes, Closed-Captioned, Trevor Romain Company Procrastinators Skye and Jack leave a jungle adventure with sharpened homework skills after Trevor demonstrates the importance of scheduling, asking for help, eating healthy... Read More

Trevor Romain's Real-Life Strategies

(DVD) 2007, Grades 2-8, Closed-Captioned, Trevor Romain Company This 7-part series provides practical strategies to help viewers deal with life's difficulties. The video series provides lesson plans and extension activities to develop critical think... Read More

Trevor Romain's Taking the "Duh" Out of Divorce

(DVD) 2007, Grades 2 - 8, 25 minutes, Closed-Captioned, Trevor Romain Company Skye's parents have just dropped a bombshell, they are getting a divorce"! Skye is hurt, angry and believes she is the only one who can keep her mom and dad together. One... Read More

Trouble Talk

(B) 2008, Ludwig, Trudy, Grades 2-5. This is a story about Bailey who passes on secret information about someone else to try to gain attention, feel powerful and to establish a connection. The story helps children understand how to fit it, who they... Read More

Truth About Tobacco, The

(DVD) 2006, Grades 6-12, 38 minutes This video is a multimedia presentation which helps youth stay tobacco free and resist the onslaught of tobacco advertising and peer pressure. Mr. Reynolds anti smoking talk also motivates students to make more res... Read More

Twelve is there Life after Rehab and Recovery?

(DVD) 2013, Grades 9-College/People in Treatment/Recovery/Family members, 45 minutes, 12Recovery, MVP. This DVD is designed for people in recovery and their families. It features young people who have completed treatment and are in recovery talking... Read More

Twelve Steps for Tobacco Users

Book, 2001, 22 pages, Hazelden, HS-Adult This book discusses how clients can apply AA principles to quit smoking, regain manageability in life and reclaim power over tobacco. Read More