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What I Like About Me: Building Self-Esteem

(DVD/V) 2005, Grades K-2, Sunburst, 18 minutes. In this program, each student recognizes how they are special in their own way, that they should appreciate their own accomplishments, and that it is all right to feel proud of who they are. Includes su... Read More

What Mommy Does, Baby Does

(Display) high school, adult, professional, Health Edco With cigarette butts, pills, and beer bottle caps suspended in plastic, this 3-D model illustrates how alcohol, tobacco, and other substances can cross the placenta and damage a fetus. Excellent... Read More

What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?

(B) 1999, Grades 3 - 5, 72 pages, Free Spirit Publishing This book will help young children get through a painful time by answering questions such as "Why do people have to die?; "Is the death my fault?"; "What happens to the person's body?"; "How c... Read More

What Shoes Will You Wear?

Book, 2014, Grades 2-6, Julia Cook, National Center for Youth Issues, 32 pages. Myrtle and Eyrtle are twins who don't look alike or act the same, but they do share one common love-shoes! Their father uses their love of shoes to encourage the young tw... Read More

What's Up with E-Cigarettes?

DVD, 2012, HRM, 19  minutes, Grades 7-College Teens' use of e-cigarette and other electronic vaping devices has skyrocketed. Kids think e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to smoking. This DVD provides the facts and urges extreme caution. Viewers le... Read More

What's Wrong With Nicotine?

(DVD) 2009, Discovery Films, Grades 9-12, 23-minutes No one plans on nicotine addiction, yet millions pay the consequences for smoking. This DVD teaches the facts to students who are at risk because of their innocence. It shows how extremely unhealth... Read More

When a Man Loves a Woman

(DVD) Adults, 126 minutes Meghan Ryan and Andy Garcia play a couple whose once stable marriage is rocked by her increasing dependence on alcohol. As they strive to overcome this challenge, they discover a renewed sense of love and commitment. Read More

Who Needs Therapy? Treating Psychological Problems

(DVD) 2008, Grades 7 -12, 19 minutes, Closed-Captioned, HRM This video answers many common questions that teens may have about mental health treatment. What is therapy? What kinds of therapy are available? How do I know if I need therapy? In the vide... Read More

Who's in Charge at Your House?

(B) 2003, Parent/Adult, 212 pages, Parent Magic, Inc. This book simplifies the job of parenting into three steps which include controlling obnoxious behavior, encouraging good behavior, and strengthening your relationship. The reader will also learn... Read More

Winter Driving School

(DVD) 2002, Bridgestone Winter Driving School shows and explains how to use different techniques to better winter driving. These techniques are safe and can keep drivers, passengers, and other vehicles safe in hazardous driving conditions. This video... Read More

Wise Owl Says: When Telling Isn't Tattling

(DVD) 2006, Grades K-2, HRM, 12 minutes This great video shows the difference between tattling and telling, and recognizing when a situation may require adult intervention. This will help identify several adults in their lives who can help them with... Read More