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Ten Ways to Stay Safe on the Internet

(DVD) 2016, 28 minutes, Grade 7-College, HRM, Close Captioned Digitally smart teens need to understand and avoid the consequences of putting very private personal information and photos onto social networking sites, email, chat rooms, blogs and webs... Read More

Baditude! What to Do When Your Life Stinks

Book, 2015, 31 pages, Grades 3-7 Norman David Edwards is having a bad day and bad week. So much in his life just stinks. He is lucky his mom and his teacher are there to help him understand how his bad attitude is affecting his mood and those around... Read More

Good Behavior Board Game, The

(G) Child’s Work, Child’s Play, Ages 4-10 This board game was designed for two to six players and aims to teach children the importance of good behavior. It intends to help them anticipate the consequences of their misbehavior. The game works to m... Read More

Bubble Gum Brain… Ready, Get Mindset…Grow!

(Book) 2017, 32 pages, Grades 2-6, Julia Cook, National Center for Youth Issues In this story meet Bubble Gum Brain and Brick Brain, two kids with very different mindsets. Bubble Gum Brain likes to learn new things, have fun adventures and doesn’t w... Read More

Cell Phoney

(Book) 2012, 32 pages, Grades 2-8, Julia Cook, National Center for Youth Issues Joanie Maloney finally gets her own cell phone. She is surprised to find that her mom expects her to take a cell phone safety course. Along with Joanie, children will le... Read More

Ungame, Kids Version

(Game) Talicor, 2002, Kindergarten-Grade 7 This game offers players a fun way to share opinions, feelings, and beliefs. It can increase understanding of self while being noncompetitive. Designed for 2 to 8 players, it can stimulate serious and lig... Read More

Countdown to the World’s Most Disgusting Smell

Display, Health EDCO, All Ages If you are looking to incorporate some new “senses” into your learning experience, this display is for you! Inside a tin case that has a list of nine awful smells is the #1 most repulsive smell… tobacco. When you ope... Read More

For Every Child

(B)2001, 36 pages, Kindergarten-Grade 5, UNICEF “Whoever we are, wherever we live, these are the rights of every child under the sun and the moon and the stars.” The United Nations adopted fifty-four principles that make up the UN Convention on the... Read More

It’s Great to Be Alive

Book, 2017, 187 pages, Adults Written by Terry Woster, this is the story of Glenn Jorgenson who battled substance abuse disorder for many years. As Glenn recovered, he was able to found the River Park Treatment Center in South Dakota that helped cou... Read More

Easy Activities for Building Social Skills

(B) 2002, Scholastic Professional, Pre Kindergarten-Grade 1 This activity book contains dozens of effective classroom strategies and activities to teach cooperation and communication, manners and respect and positive behavior. It can help contribu... Read More

Positive Action

2014, Positive Action, Inc., K-Grade 12, Curriculum This NREPP-approved, systematic educational program features kits for teaching 15 minute lessons. Based on a philosophy that encourages positive thoughts, feelings, and actions for improved behavio... Read More