Camp POSTCARD (Peace Officers Striving to Create and Reinforce Dreams) is a free, weeklong summer camp that brings together law enforcement officials and middle school students from the Sioux Falls area. This unique and powerful experience gives youth and law enforcement the opportunity to connect in an environment that pushes them out of their comfort zone.  Students and law enforcement officials will be encouraged to learn from one another and see each other from different perspectives. 

School Resource Officers play a critical role in Camp POSTCARD. They serve as the sole referral source, nominating and selecting students to attend. During camp, School Resource Officers and other law enforcement officials fill the role of camp counselors as they lead youth through activities to help them develop self-esteem, leadership, and decision-making skills while building trusting and respectful relationships.

Camp POSTCARD serves youth who are facing challenging circumstances and could benefit from building positive, trusting relationships with adults. The camp is designed to improve youth’s relationships with law enforcement and enhance law enforcement officials’ connections with youth. 

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