Between Breathes

Audio Book/CD, 5 hours

Elizabeth Vargas, is the barrier-breaking co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight and 20/20. What most people don’t know is that she has suffered from acute anxiety since childhood, and that after ears of silent struggle, she turned to alcohol for relief. This book is the story of Elizabeth’s lifelong battle with the condition, how it began at the age of six when her father was sent to war in Vietnam, and how it continued to plague her, even as she rose to the top of a profession requiring flawless poise under pressure. She chronicles her desperate attempts to conceal the terrifying panic attacks that gripped her while reporting on some of the biggest stories of her career, and she described her descent into alcohol dependence and deception, and finally, her redemption through rehab, and learning how to better live with her condition.

Harrowing and inspirational, this book re-creates the nightmares of enduring a hidden psychological torture and a secret, crippling addiction in front of an audience of millions. It is an odyssey of illness, isolation, and recovery unlike any other, told with candor and eloquence by one of the network television’s brightest star.

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