Class Action: A High School Alcohol-Use Prevention Curriculum

(C) 2002, Hazelden, Grades 9 – 12

This curriculum looks at the real-world social and legal consequences involving teens and alcohol. Teens are divided into Class Action legal teams to prepare and present hypothetical civil cases in which someone has been harmed as a result of underage drinking. Each team is given a casebook (included with the program) that contains facts of their case, affidavit and depositions, and other information to argue their case. These cases include drinking and driving, fetal alcohol syndrome, drinking and violence, date rape, drinking and vandalism, school alcohol policies, drinking and hazing, and binge drinking. A CD-ROM is included with reproducible materials including a parent/guardian letter, jury ballots, prep sheets, strategy sheets and more. Part of Project Northland series. Evidence-based.

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