Edible Marijuana: Is it Safe?

DVD, 2016, HRM, 18 minutes, Grade 7-College

This DVD and teacher’s guide present information about edible marijuana. While many teens think that eating marijuana is an okay way to get high, it is in fact, dangerous, risky and still illegal for teens in every state, even those where marijuana use is legal. This movie helps teens understand the science of why the THC in edible marijuana causes unpredictable and dangerous highs. Metabolizing edible marijuana produces a different response than smoking it, so the risks of underestimating the potency of eaten marijuana can lead to intoxication, paranoia, high anxiety and tolerance. It also stresses that teens are more susceptible to brain damage from marijuana use of any kind than adults are. As edibles become more easily available, teens need to understand the risks and dangers, including DUI.

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