Everything you Need to Know About Substance Abuse in 22 minutes

DVD, 2018, HRM, 22 minutes, Grades 7-College

This new and updated program delivers an unrelenting message: Substance abuse ruins lives. If you abuse alcohol and/or marijuana, or use opioids, heroin, Fentanyl, nicotine, inhalants, meth, and other street drugs, you are risking your life and health. For teens, substance abuse hurts their still-developing brains and sets them on a collision course of physical and psychological damage, and death. Packed with the latest facts and figures, the video will hold your students’ attention while delivering critically important information that can and will save lives. Contents include: opioid epidemic, heroin, the dangers of vaping, alcohol, e-cigarette risks, increased potency of THC in marijuana, why Fentanyl and carfentanyl are so dangerous, how huffing inhalants can kill instantly, and substance abuse and the law. This video also makes the point that a majority of teenagers do not abuse drugs and alcohol.

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