Faith & Fitness: Diet and Exercise for a Better World

Book, 2014, 183 pages, Adult

Everything we need for sustaining health and wellness has been provided for us through nature since the beginning- if not true, life would not be. Today’s health crisis is not the fault of the individual, but is a manifestation of our community forgetting our blessings of real, whole, natural foods, simple life giving fresh water, and of course the gift of exercise. Exercise is a magic pill, a fountain of youth, an anti-depressant. The body is improved in every way possible, naturally with movement. By design the body was intended to move and move a lot. With this awareness we can see that our efforts made towards personal fitness can become true spiritual discipline, an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for all life. When we learn to care for ourselves to better care for others, we simplify and intensity our quest towards personal fitness. This is the spiritual journey of Faith & Fitness.

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