Getting through It: Kids Talk about Divorce

(DVD) 2014, HRM, 19 minutes, Grades 5-9

With a divorce rate at 50%, half of all students are impacted by divorce. This DVD shows real kids who describe their feelings about divorce and share their first hand experiences. A divorce expert and psychologist, talks with students to reassure them that while life is tough right now, it will get better over time. Segments target key problems such as living arrangements, schedules, feelings of blame, getting caught between fighting parents, coping with strong emotions such as anger, sorrow, acting out and more, parent’s new love interests, and blended families. Real kids describe their personal coping strategies to help viewers understand that there are practical solutions that may help in transitioning through divorce to whatever the future brings. Included on the DVD are the 19 minute film, a 24 page teachers resource book (PDF) with blackline master student activities, pre/post tests, fact sheets, and learning objectives.

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