Keeping it Real

Book, Grades 7-12

Keeping what real? Gabbing. Goals. Goodies. It’s all that stuff you have to deal with that can leave your stomach in knots and you just trying to maintain sanity. Its basis: gabbing (gossip), goals (personal direction), and goodies (sexual purity). It’s hard enough to be a teen without having to deal with the most recent rumor that’s floating around about you and what’s-his-name, the huge blemish that just happened to show up right before the prom, pressure from your folks to get into a good college, and the way your heart turns flips every time Mr. Sparkly-eyed-curly-haired-captain-of-the-soccer-team looks your way. You’ve got a lot to handle! That’s why Heather Jamison has written about the things in life that can seem trivial, but are really complicated, overwhelming, and exasperating.

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