Latest About HIV and AIDS: What Every Student Still Needs To Know The

(DVD) 2012, Grades 7 – College, 24 minutes, Closed-Captioned, Human Relations Media This program uses animations to show how HIV invades CD4 cells and weakening the body’s immune system and leads to AIDS. The program debunks myths about how the virus is transmitted and identifies the behaviors that do and do not put people at risk of HIV infection. Viewers learn the most recent information on HIV testing and the importance of treatment for protecting the health of those infected and the health of others. HIV-positive people describe how they became infected, why they were tested and how their lives have been affected by the virus. Program includes a teacher’s resource book, student activities, fact sheets, and more. Two supplemental programs How to Use a Female Condom and How to Use a Male Condom are included. These programs use graphics to demonstrate the proper way to use a condom. Before using these optional programs, instructor may need to check with school’s policy on sex education as to whether parental permission is required.

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