Leading from Here to There Five Essential Skills

Book & DVD w/Study Guide, 2016, 139 pages, College-Adults

Through five educational video sessions, Hybels walks the viewer through the core essentials of leading people from here to there. For those on a leadership development path, presentations will provide a focused understanding of each concept and tools to apply to leadership challenges. Skills can be put into practice immediately. Sessions include: Power of Vision, (25:00), The Toughest Person You Lead, (22:00), Mastering 360-Degree Leadership, (23:00), Building a Fantastic Culture, (24:30), Pursue Your Unique Calling, (21:00).
The accompanying study guide provides video notes for each of the five sessions, practical questions to help guide a team in developmental conversations, and several “Skills in Action” activities that will help engage each concept in the actual leadership environment. Though designed with a leadership “learning group” in mind, this material works equally well as a personal-development tool for every leader.

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