Long-Shining Waters The

Book, 2012, 270 pages, Grades 7-Adult

Frigid, lethal, and wildly beautiful, Lake Superior is an alluring as it is dangerous. Featuring three women living on its shores, Sosin’s debut novel illuminates the mysterious powers of the greatest of the Great Lakes. In 1622, Grey Rabbit-an Ojibwe woman, a mother and wife-struggles to understand a dream-life that takes on fearful dimensions. Berit Gunnar, a Norwegian couple, fish the North Shore in 1902. Though the lake anchors Berit’s isolated life, those same waters ultimately test her endurance and spirit. And then in 2000, Nora, a seasoned bar owner, finds her live unraveling and is drawn inexplicably into a journey around the lake. As these narrative unfold with the mesmerizing rhythm of waves, a fourth mysterious voice slowly manifests.

Haunting, rich in historical detail, and universal in its exploration of human desire for meaning when faced with uncertainty and the indomitable power of place, this is an unforgettable work of fiction.

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