Marijuana: A Prevention and Education Toolkit for Communities

Curriculum/DVD, 2016, Hazelden, Grades 7-Adult

This comprehensive resource provides reproducible materials to create an effective, multidisciplinary plan for addressing marijuana misuse in your community. Includes: an overview of facts (and myths) and statistics; a guide for community mobilization to help groups mobilize resources, launch prevention projects, and create media campaigns; a guide for schools to show educators how to identify student marijuana use, intervene, and get help, and raise student awareness of the issue using included lesson plans; a guide for parents to help recognize the signs of use and where to seek help; a guide for health care professionals explaining the factors that lead to marijuana use and discusses prevention, screening procedures, and best forms of treatment; a guide for policy providing the essential facts and guidelines needed to make good decisions for the health and well-being of your community; campaign resources with posters, press releases, drug fact sheets; and a 20-minute video showcasing real people and treatment professionals.

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