Moving On: A Program for At-Risk Women

2010, Women, Hazelden, Curriculum

This flexible intervention program draws from evidence-based treatment models and provides at-risk women with alternatives to criminal activities. It helps women make positive, enduring changes in their lives. Five facilitator guides along with a CD-ROM which includes a program manual and reproducible participant handouts, facilitator supplements and DVD are included. Participants learn how to create a vision of their success, to express emotions, increase self-awareness, to listen and be heard, to build healthy relationships and how to utilize community relationships.

Module manuals: 1) Transitions (Module 1 and 6 and Facilitator’s Guide); 2) Listening and Being Heard (Module 2 and Facilitator’s Guide); 3) Building Healthy Relationships (Module 3 and Facilitator’s Guide); 4) Expressing Emotions (Module 4 and Facilitator’s Guide); 5) Making Connections and Staying Healthy (Module 5 and Facilitator’s Guide)

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