This Emotional Life In Search of Ourselves and Happiness

(DVD) 2010, Adult, Close Captioned, 6 hours on 3 discs, WGBH/NOVA. How can we live happier, more fulfilling lives? This DVD explores ways individuals can improve social relationships, learn to cope with problems like depression and anxiety, and become more positive and resilient individuals. Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert talks with experts about the latest scientific understanding of our emotions and how people can find support for the issues every person faces. Each episode weaves together scientific perspectives with the compelling personal stories of ordinary people, complemented by insight from celebrities like Chevy Chase, Larry David, Alanis Morrissette, John Leguizamo, Katie Couric and Richard Gere among others. Section 1 is Family, Friends and Lovers, Section 2 is Facing Our Fears, and Section 3 is Rethinking Happiness. Additional resources are available on the web.

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