Too Much: The Extreme Dangers of Binge Drinking

(DVD) 2006, Grades 7-College, HRM, 26 minutes, Closed-Captioned This documentary examines the harrowing and tragic consequences of underage drinkers who do not understand the real risks of out-of-control alcohol abuse. Two brain and alcohol researchers take students on an eye-opening video field trip using MRIs and PET scans to graphically show alcohol damage in the brain. Using 3-D images of the brain, the researchers describe what happens as drink after drink is consumed, causing the brain to ultimately shut down the autonomic nervous system, causing death. A young teenage girl who was sexually assaulted during a Spring Break drinking binge presents her painful story. Features an interview with the parent of a student who died from alcohol poisoning while partying with his friends. Alternative alcohol-free Spring Break trips are also featured such as building housing for needy families.

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