You’re Rude Dude!

You’re Rude, Dude!, DVD, 2008, 20 Minutes, HRM, Grades 3-6

Likeable on-camera hosts guide young viewers through a series of humorous vignettes, helping them identify rude behaviors and recognize why they don’t work—and often interfere with good communication. In each case, viewers are reminded that being rude isn’t funny, cool or useful. Includes demonstrating good manners such as saying “please” and “thank you,” properly addressing people in authority (especially teachers!), being considerate of people’s feelings and using good manners at the dinner table. Program also reminds students that saying “shut up,” interrupting others, displaying inappropriate public behavior (like burping), and hurting others’ feelings as a joke is simply not cool. Viewers see that using good manners shows respect for themselves and others, and is a valuable sign of maturity, which adults are sure to notice.

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